SMF Concours Classes

SMF 2020 will feature the Celebration of the Race Car for our Sunday Concours in the Village event. Please use the class list at the right for your reference. We are currently accepting applications for Classes 1 through 16, in addition to Special Display cars. If you are interested in entering your vehicle, please click the button below to fill out the application form. Applications will be reviewed by the SMF Selection Committee and an application does not guarantee entry. If your car is approved, one of the SMF staff will contact you directly with registration information.

We thank you for your continued support of the Sandhills Motoring Festival!

Class 1  Porsche GT
Class 2 Porsche Turbo
Class 3 Supercars
Class 4 1960-70 Pinehurst CC Cars
Class 5 NASCAR 1950-2020
Class 6 MG 1924-1967
Class 7 Jaguar 1935-1974
Class 8 & 9 Ferrari
Class 10 Mercedes Benz SL
Class 11 1955-57 Thunderbirds
Class 12 Japanese Sports Cars
Class 13 IMSA/Road Racing Race Cars
Class 14 Corvette Specials 
Class 15 15A American Classics through 1970
15B European Classics through 1970
15C American Sports Cars through 1970
15D European Sports Cars through 1970
Class 16 Motorcycles
Special Display Brass Era Cars
  Formula 1 Car/Cars
  McLaren F1
  Corvette C1 through C8
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