Backroads Pottery Tour


How often do you get to do something special for and with your spouse or a good friend when you attend a concours event? This is your chance to spend some quality and fun time together!

The North Carolina pottery country around Seagrove, with over 100 active potters, is unequaled anywhere in the United States. The SMF Backroads Pottery Tour is a special event that features Ben Owen and various North Carolina artist in Seagrove, NC. It has two start times, 8:30AM and 10:00AM in Pinehurst, with an hour drive to Seagrove. Each group is limited to 25 people. The 8:30AM group will arrive at 9:30AM and will begin the Ben Owen tour at 10:00AM thru 11:30AM. The 10:00AM departure group will arrive at the Westmoore Family Restaurant in Seagrove, 2172 HWY 705 at 11:00AM and join the first group for lunch at 11:30AM thru 1:30PM and begin the Ben Owen tour at 1:45PM. During the Lunch, all the participants cars will be part of a SMF Pottery Highway “Longleaf Craftsman” car show at the restaurant and the winner will receive a special “Longleaf Craftsman Award”, created by Ben Owen, on Sunday during the awards presentation in the village of Pinehurst!

2022 Backroads Pottery Tour

Photos Courtesy of John Patota

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